Malaysian Association For The Blind


The Malaysian Association for the Blind (MAB) is the premier voluntary organization in Malaysia serving visually impaired persons. It provides services that help the blind and prevent the tragedy of avoidable blindness. Established in 1951 by the then Department of Social Welfare to look after the general well-being of blind persons in the country, MAB has since carried out this role and much more. Its activities have extended from Kuala Lumpur to other parts of the country. These include educational programs, rehabilitation courses, vocational training and placement service. In addition, MAB also runs a Braille library, a “talking” book library, a Braille Publishing Unit, an Information Technology Centre, Resource Centre and a Sale and Production Unit to name a few. Its prevention of blindness programs is realized through the eye hospital which MAB established in 1986. In recent years, MAB has reached out to the visually impaired folks in the rural areas where rehabilitation services and training programs are provided to them within their home environment, through its community-based rehabilitation (CBR) schemes. The Malaysian Association for the Blind always works towards creating greater public awareness concerning the abilities and capabilities of the visually impaired persons under its charge. This is to ensure their better integration into the society and a better quality of life. In order to accommodate the changing needs, demands and challenges of the modern world, MAB strives constantly to improve and expand its services for the betterment of visually impaired people by introducing new courses and acquiring new equipment. To achieve its aims, the Association has to depend on public donation and assistance, MAB is very thankful to all its well-wishers for their kind support throughout the years.