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1. Who are our clients?
People who are totally blind or low visionĀ 

2. Who are our supporters?
The donors, volunteers, employers, Government and all other well wishers.

3. Who are our members?
People from general public who have an interest in the welfare of the blind can apply to be a member

4. What can a blind person do?
Given proper training and opportunity, the blind can perform just like any other sighted person.

5. How many blind are there in the country?
According to the Welfare Department statistic, about 37,000 blind people have register with the department. However, it is generally assume that there are about 50,000 totally blind persons and about 500,000 low vision persons in the country.

6. What is the difference between being totally blind and low vision?
Those who are totally blind are completely without the sense of sight. Where else the low vision is the person with partial vision. In related to the sports, the blind are categorized as B1: for the totally blind, B2: for the low vision and B3: for the legally blind.

7. Where are the services of MAB available?
Physically the services of MAB is located at Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Temerloh. We also run the Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) program in Pahang and Negeri Sembilan. However, our services are offered to the blind all over the country.

8. How do I volunteer?
Simply fill up the Volunteer Form and contact the MAB Welfare Department for further details.