Malaysian Association For The Blind



Call Centre

  1. Trainees undergo training for tele-marketing and contact centers operations.
  2. Trainer had been trained and worked in a corporate call center before he became blind.
  3. Practically all the graduates have secured employment in call centers in the country.
  4. Training facilities are up-to-date and graduates adapts well to place of employment.

Call centre was established 2013. The centre has been training blind and visually impaired in telemarketing. The centre has trained 88 students, most of trainees have been placed in employment in various contact center companies, upon completion of their training.

Duration of training is 6 months.
Through the experience gained in training and placing , blind and visually impaired in employment, MAB has now established its own live call centre, where Putra Intelek International College has outsourced its students recruitment program to MAB call centre.