Malaysian Association For The Blind



MAB houses various sports facilities such as gymnasium, indoor sports hall, tandem bicycles

  • Coaching in Judo by qualified instructors which includes past Paralympic participant.
  • Yearly Sports event are held at MAB Kuala Lumpur.

MAB has been actively promoting sports and recreation for the blind initially through its rehabilitation and vocational training centres. Subsequently, in order to promote such activities for the blind in general, MAB first set up a social activity centre in 1997. This was followed by the formation of clubs in order to cater for the needs of special interest groups such as the Tandem-Cycling Club in 1999, the Elderly Blind Club in 2001, and the Kelab Rekreasi MAB in 2002. New sports facilities introduced in Kompleks MAB included the Gymnasium and the Goalball Centre.

In 2006 two of our blind cyclists took part in the World Tandem-Cycling Championship in Belgium. This is the first achievement in cycling for the blind in Malaysia. This was followed by the successful cycling expeditions to Langkawi, Kedah in 1999 and to Taman Negara, Pahang in 2015.

The two crowning achievements of the blind is the climb up Gunong Tahan in Kelantan organized by MAB in 2008 (involving ten blind persons) and the climb up Mount Kinabalu in Sabah organized by the Rotary Club in 2011 with support from MAB (involving four blind persons and about 20 other disabled persons). The eleven-day climb of Gunung Tahan has been entered into the Malaysia Book of Records.

For recreational, we have a music room, where piano lessons are taught by qualified instructor